Brandi Thompson Photography | About
I believe in the following:
Life is beautiful.
All living things deserve respect.
Nobody should take themselves too seriously.
Smiles should come naturally, and not be forced.
It’s okay to eat spaghettios for breakfast.
You’re never too old for the playground.
Always be yourself.
I’m Brandi and I take pictures. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Brian, and mom to the cutest little firecracker ever; Zaida. I love to pretend I’m a rockstar with karaoke, and I truly have shoeboxes stacked to the ceiling in my closet. I’m also a wannabe vegetarian foodie. And yes, I own a blanket with sleeves and I love it.
My photography style can best be described as honest. I love the small moments, the laugh lines, the messy hair and the feeling of motion. Just like real life.